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More Than Meets the Eye: Eye-Conic Eye Makeup Trends to Try in 2021

We might be a few months into 2021 but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the “New year, New Me” bandwagon!

The start of a new year is the perfect excuse to revamp your wardrobe and make some changes to your style. But do you know where the perfect place to start is? Your eyes.

That’s right. Make 2021 unforgettable by trying out these incredible eye makeup trends:

The “Midnight” Look

Come to the dark side—we’ve got gorgeous eyes!

If you’re a fan of the smoky eye look, the midnight eyes trend is exactly what you’re looking for! It’s just like a regular smoky eye look, except you apply a shimmery dark blue shade onto the crease and blend away.

Highlighter Eyes

Let this look be the highlight of your evening. It’s the perfect look for a night out with the girls! Apply a beautifully pigmented color onto the crease of your eyes and go with a bold liner. We recommend neon green, flamin’ red, and neon yellow for this look.

Voluminous Lashes

Who says you have to stick with eyeshadows to steal the spotlight? Go with voluminous lashes for an everyday look. Go on, use that mascara to become the envy of everyone around you!

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