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3 Tips to Improve Your Fashion Game

Do you think your outfits lack the spark that most ladies have? Do you sigh after looking at fashion bloggers’ posts, wishing you had the same level of fashion sense? Do not worry. Here are some minor changes you can make in your look to instantly upgrade your fashion game!

1. Accessorize

Whether your outfit is plain, patterned, printed, or flared, accessories add the perfect touch to enhance your entire look. Silver jewelry is more in vogue nowadays. Layered necklaces are the way to go on a plain tee. Do you like wearing half sleeves or quarter sleeves? Wearing a set of bracelets will complete your look.

2. Tie Up Your Upper Wears

Do you like wearing oversized shirts or buttoned ones? Tying it in a knot from the bottom will give you a chic look. Knots change the entire vibes that radiate from an outfit. Try knotting your favorite buttoned shirt today and observe the change for yourself.

3. Be You, Do You

Do you ever see a fashion influencer wearing an outfit you fancy, but you feel would not look as good on you? It is perfectly normal to feel that way. Remember, you only need to wear what you’re confident would look good on you and what you feel comfortable in. If you feel like wearing something you admire, but you are unsure how people would feel about it, wear it anyway. 2021 is the year for unapologetic fashion and being yourself!

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